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Queen of Hearts 101

The game consists of a deck of 52 shuffled playing cards plus two jokers. Each is placed in a sealed envelope bearing a random number from one to 54 and displayed in a locked glass board.

Each week a ticket will be drawn, the envelope that corresponds with the number on that ticket is opened to reveal the card inside. Because of the draw-down, it is possible that any subsequent tickets drawn could correspond to a number no longer available in the playing deck. If so, the next highest numbered envelope will be opened. If there’s no higher number, the lowest remaining number will then apply.

  1. Drawings will be held at Sledgehammers in Oregon on each Friday at 9 PM.

  2. In person ticket sales for the week close on 8:30pm the day of the drawing. Ticket sales will resume after the drawing has concluded.

  3. Ticket are 1.00 each, 6 for $5 and 25 for $20 with no limit on quantity purchased.

  4. Online ticket sales are 25 tickets for $21.

  5. Online ticket sales will stop at 12:00PM CST the day of the drawing, tickets purchased after will be for the following weeks drawing.

  6. In person ticket sales are CASH ONLY!!

  7. Name, phone number and # of envelope you want revealed must be written on each ticket.

  8. If information is missing or illegible, the ticket will be discarded and a new one drawn.

  9. Do not fold, crinkle or deface the tickets in any way. Tickets of this nature will be discarded and a new one drawn.

  10. Stickers or stamps on the tickets will be allowed but they must fit on the ticket face and not be oversized. They must also be legible.

  11. You must keep and present your ticket if your number is drawn.

  12. All winners will be required to pick up their prize in person, either at Sledgehammers or from a chapter member. If they are unable, the prize will be forfeited.

  13. Winners are responsible for all tax liability.

  14. Once the drawing has concluded, the tickets from the prior week will be discarded.

  15. Any Queen drawn other than the Queen of hearts will reset the board. That queen will remain visible. All other cards will be resorted and distributed. Max of 3 board resets.

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